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My problems escalate?

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Sep. 27th, 2009 | 01:20 am
mood: impressed impressed
music: Owl City - Fireflies

Ugh, freaking weird day.

Well, last night, I went to youth group, and it was okay. Just okay. We all chilled and it was fun, but as stated before, I'm completely weird around the same gender, and Jace seemed a little down. Plus he's sick.

So I got home and I was texting Sammeh, and then he texted me and was all like, "You okay?" because he'd noticed I was down. Dude. I had a fool proof mask going on there. Was almost completely happy-go-lucky. Kid can read me like an open book, and I have no clue how he did it. I was like, "Not really. Could you tell?" He said, "Yeah, what's wrong? You played it off well though." But...like, later he was talking, and he said he was thinking about Pensacola for college. Wanna know where Pensacola is?


So, I was naturally like, "NOOOOOOO!" but I didn't say that. I was realistic about it. And so naturally today I was bummed because...you know...if he went to Florida for college that's like, "Ya, kthxbi. No relashuns 4 lei lei." That would give me like....2 months to potentially go out with him. Yah no.

So, he's not going to Pensacola now, but he still wants to go to this one college in Florida. The thing is, I'm not really as bummed as I was about it now. I was talking to Mariah and him simultaneously while I was babysitting with Anna (she was like half asleep by this time anyway) and some things came to light.

He wants to be a missionary. I asked him if he was thinking about local work or overseas, and he said that he didn't think he could handle overseas but if God moved then who was he to question Him? And I thought that was a very mature statement, and I'm really proud of him. I really hope it's overseas.

So that made me happy and bummed at the same time. I was really hoping he'd be into missionary work too because...I'm....you know...hopeless. I mean, Mom's all like, "Dating is trying people out to see if you want to marry them." and so I have that mentality now. I keep thinking about the future, and I mean...I have to. It's coming up quickly.

I was just...I dunno. I asked Mariah if he could possibly be, and I hesitate to use the grossest term in world history, "The One". I used the biggest MAYBE in world history as well. And I was like, "I'm trying not to jump too far ahead, but I've been thinking a lot about life after high school. Why would God have allowed us to meet if something wasn't meant to happen?"

She answered in a way that made me laugh, "I'm not very sure. I wouldn't really think he would be for you. I think you could do so much better. I'm sure he's a really nice guy, but he has talking problems. Hahaha. But I don't really know. I don't really know him that well of know enough about you guys to know."

So I said that he had major issues when it came to texting sometimes, but in person he's fine. I also told her about how today my mom said she trusted him and also his mom completely. That's high praise from my mother. I said a few other things too but I can't remember now.

She told me to keep focusing on God and not to jump too far ahead. God might be showing me all of this now to practice patience. Right now just pray about it, and He'll answer. It was perfect advice at that moment, so now I feel a little better.

What are the odds that he'd be into missionary work too? I feel like he's going to be overseas. I just have a feeling. And I don't think I'm just making it up lulz.

But it's still so far away. Florida :(

And...I'm just silly. ARGH.

I hate feeling silly.

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