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Music Video

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Sep. 27th, 2009 | 08:32 pm
mood: creative creative

So I REALLY wanna do a music video for Hot Air Balloon by Owl City.

It would consist of most of my friends, I think. Hopefully. They would be:

Sam C
Sam L
Sam A
(maybe) Anna

If they want to (I really hope they do!) I wanna make a feel good music video for the song 'cause it's all about friendship and having fun. I want to center it around happy-go-lucky stuff, and us acting sorta like little kids but just having loads of fun.

Like, the song talks about running race tracks around kitchen chairs and fighting the shadows from the basement stairs. I have lots of cute little ideas for video clips and stuff that could turn out great. I want the intro to be all of us holding hands or something and walking down the street (I'd arrange it so everyone was holding hands with someone that they're comfortable with) together.

I wanted to do the fighting off shadows thing with us using kitchen utensils as weapons and armor and charging someone's dark basement steps. 

I also wanna do the chorus where everyone takes a line and lip sings it to the music, so our heads are moving in and out of the camera view with each line. It's hard to explain without demonstrating.

I also wanted to do something where two people are playing patty cake in the part where it's like....a rift with music and then clapping. I thought it would be funny if there was an intense game going on or something.

Lots of little ideas, and I hope everyone wants to do it (pleeasseee!) because....I really wanna do it.

Christmas Song - Owl City. Best. Song. Ever. SRSLY.

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